четверг, 3 марта 2016 г.

Конкурс театральных коллективов

Ситуации для говорения (олимпиада)

Ситуации и вопросы для олимпиадных заданий по английскому языку
4 класс
1)                 Let’s talk about your family. Who is your best friend in your family?
1.                  Do you help your mum?
2.                  Do you have any pet at home?
3.                  What does your Mum/Dad like to do in the evening?
4.                  What do you do together?
2)                 Let’s talk about your friends. Who is your best friend?
1.                  Is your friend a pupil?
2.                  When is your friend’s birthday?
3.                  Is he/she a good friend?
4.                  What do you do together with your friend?
3)                 Let’s talk about your house/flat. What is your favourite place in your house/flat?
1.                  Is your house/flat big?
2.                  Do you or your Mum tidy up your room?
3.                  What do you usually do in your room?
4.                  What do you have in the kitchen?
4)                 Let’s talk about seasons. What is your favourite season?
1.                  What is the weather today?
2.                  What do you usually do in winter?
3.                  Do you often go to the river in summer?
4.                  Do you like rainy or sunny weather?