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Ситуации для говорения (олимпиада)

Ситуации и вопросы для олимпиадных заданий по английскому языку
4 класс
1)                 Let’s talk about your family. Who is your best friend in your family?
1.                  Do you help your mum?
2.                  Do you have any pet at home?
3.                  What does your Mum/Dad like to do in the evening?
4.                  What do you do together?
2)                 Let’s talk about your friends. Who is your best friend?
1.                  Is your friend a pupil?
2.                  When is your friend’s birthday?
3.                  Is he/she a good friend?
4.                  What do you do together with your friend?
3)                 Let’s talk about your house/flat. What is your favourite place in your house/flat?
1.                  Is your house/flat big?
2.                  Do you or your Mum tidy up your room?
3.                  What do you usually do in your room?
4.                  What do you have in the kitchen?
4)                 Let’s talk about seasons. What is your favourite season?
1.                  What is the weather today?
2.                  What do you usually do in winter?
3.                  Do you often go to the river in summer?
4.                  Do you like rainy or sunny weather?

5 класс

1.                  Let’s talk about your day off. What do you usually do?
1.                  When do you get up on your day off?
2.                  Where can you have a day off?
3.                  Do you play with your friends on your day off?
4.                  What do you usually do on your birthday?
2.                  Let’s talk about your favourite TV programmes. What do you usually watch?
1.                  Do you watch many films on TV?
2.                  What programmes do your parents usually watch?
3.                  Are news programmes boring or exciting for you?
4.                  When is your favorite programme on TV?
3. Let’s talk about Belarusian national holidays. What are the most popular holidays in our country?
1. What dishes do your family cook at Christmas?
2. How do you decorate your house/flat on holidays?
3. What presents do you usually get in your family?
4. Do you prefer getting or giving presents on holidays?

6 класс
3.                  Let’s talk about things you like doing in your free time.
1)                 What hobby would you like to take up?
2)                 What do you like more: indoor or outdoor games?
3)                 Does your hobby help you with school work?
4)                 Do your parents like your hobby?
4.                  Let’s talk about household duties in the family
1)                                How do you help your parents about the house?
2)                                Is your mum the busiest person in your family?
3)                                What machines can you use?
4)                                What housework are you good at?
5.                  Let’s talk about your school and school life. What makes your school life interesting for you?
1)                 Do you have problems at school?
2)                 Are teachers always friendly and helpful?
3)                 What rules do you have the follow in your school?
4)                 What is your school famous for?
6.                  Let’s talk about the Republic of Belarus. What do you think can make Belarus attractive for tourists?
1)                 What presents for relatives and friends can tourists buy in this country?
2)                 Belarus is famous for its beautiful nature, isn`t it?
3)                 What colours are on the flag of Belarus?
4)                 What are the symbols of Belarus?

7 класс

1.Let’s talk about shopping. Who does the shopping in your family?
1. What shops are worth visiting in your town?
2.How do you help your family with the shopping?
3.Do you have pocket money? How do you usually spend it?
4.What will you buy your friend for his/her birthday? Why?
2. Many people say that it is better to live in a town. What is your idea about it?
1.Do you like the place where you are living now?
2.Your friend wants to change the place of living. What can you advise him to choose: a town or a village?
3.What makes your flat/house beautiful for you?
4.What can attract tourists in your town/village?
3. Let's talk about sport. What kinds of sport are popular in your country?
1.Do you prefer to play games or to watch them on TV? Why?
2.Do your classmates enjoy PE lessons at school? Why?
3.What famous sportsmen do you know? What can you tell about them?
4.Is it true that sport helps people to keep fit and healthy?What do you think about it?
4. Many people believe that travelling helps people to learn more about our world. What do you think about it?
1.How do you like to travel?
2.What unusual things did you see during your last trip?
3.What can attract tourists in our country?
4.Which foreign countries would you recommend your friends to visit? Why?

8 класс
1.                  Let’s talk about the national cuisine of Belarus. What dishes do Belarusians usually cook?
1.                  What are traditional Belarusian dishes in your family?
2.                  Do you think our national cuisine is tasty?
3.                  What are typical dishes on holidays?
4.                  What dishes can you cook?
2.                  Let’s speak about some school traditions. What traditions are popular in your school?
1.                  Do sports traditions play an important role in your school?
2.                  What festival do you have in winter?
3.                  What is your favourite tradition?
4.                  How do the students and teachers celebrate the Day of Knowledge?
3.                  Let’s talk about some British traditions. What traditions of Great Britain are the most interesting for you?
1.                  Do you think British traditions are very different from Belarusian ones?
2.                  What do you know about celebrating the Queen’s birthday in Great Britain?
3.                  Do the British and Belarusians celebrate New Year’s Day in the same way?
4.                  The Bonfire night is celebrated in November, isn’t it?
4.                  Let’s talk about Great Britain. Give some interesting facts about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1)                 Which country of the kingdom attracts you most?
2)                 Is the history of Great Britain interesting for you?
3)                 What famous British cities or towns do you know?
4)                 Who is the head of the country?

9 класс

1.                  Let’s talk about the healthy way of life. What do you do to keep fit?
1.                  Do you agree that smoking is an unhealthy habit?
2.                  Why should people avoid junk food?
3.                  What can you advise a person who wants to lose weight?
4.                  Not all young people today want to be strong and healthy, do they?
2.                  Let’s talk about clothes and fashion. What clothes do you prefer to wear in different situations?
1.                  Is it important for you to follow the latest fashion trends?
2.                  Who helps you to choose new clothes?
3.                  Why is it fashionable to be stylish?
4.                  Would you like to be a fashion designer?
3.                  Let’s talk about mass media: TV, newspapers, radio. Which of them do your family like?
1.                  Are all means of mass media popular with young people?
2.                  Which means of communication are the most effective today?
3.                  Do you agree that the Internet can replace the other means of mass media today?
4.                  What interesting TV programme would you advise us to watch?
4. Let’s talk about weather and climate. Are you weather dependent?
1. Do you agree that the climate is changing nowadays?
2. Would you like to be a meteorologist?
3. Why are natural disasters dangerous?

4. What can you say about the weather today?

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